Not only an amazing tribute but an amazing experience

Faster Louder

Like stumbling into a cave full of treasure

The Courier Mail

The standing ovation was deserved … this band did something miraculous

The Age

Above all, the White Album Concert was fun

The West Australian

A heartfelt tribute to the utter genius of the Beatles.

Drum Magazine, Perth

performing all the tricks in one sitting is almost impossible….

Xpress Magazine, Perth

This special evening brought the Beatles most brilliant album to life

Xpress Magazine, Perth

It was like stumbling into a cave full of treasure. Everywhere you looked there were precious gems, each one inviting you to grab hold, take home and cherish forever. But just as you grabbed the ruby that was ‘Back in the USSR’, out of the corner of your eye you saw the brilliance of ‘Blackbird’ and then dropped them all to grab hold of a diamond that was ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’

A Parade of vocal brilliance that left the audience dazzled

….the crowd were blown away by the tour de force that was Cheney’s version of the George Harrison epic ‘While My Guitar Gently weeps’

… whatever it takes to get a ticket

The Courier Mail

This was no archaeological dig, rather some very good musicians playfully, yet respectfully, soaking in the spirit of a great album from a great band.

The excellent, experienced rock orchestra were rock solid providing the security for the singers to have a little fun.

Above all, The White Album Concert was fun.

Cheney was the guitar hero, getting his Clapton on for the showstopping ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ and dousing us with Hendrix licks for the ‘nasty’ ‘Helter Skelter.’

Pyke delivered the sweetest melodies, dishing up some winsome vocals on acoustic numbers such as ‘Blackbird, ‘Long Long Long’, ‘Cry Baby Cry’ and ‘Mothers Nature Sun.’

Rogers was the clown prince. Dressed in a green velvet suit like, as he put it, ‘an extra from a satanic version of Nicholas Nickelby’, the rocker brought a camp edge to ‘Happiness Is a Warm Gun’, hammed it up for ‘Piggies’, swung like a rusty gate on ‘Revolution’ and seriously rocked a cowbell during John Lennon’s manic ‘Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey.’

Jamieson had plenty of fun with ‘Honey Pie’ and Ringo’s ‘Don’t Pass Me By’, and pumped up the audience with the rollicking ‘Yer Blues.’

The West Australian

The Beatles White Album of 1968 was a ramshackle masterpiece painted over cracks big enough to swallow any mortal band.

The standing ovation was deserved….this Band did something miraculous – they pulled it off!

The Age

Rogers, a strutting peacock, a wicked-humoured ball of flamboyance with the moves, the glint in his eye and real presence.

Jamieson backed up his louche, witty manner with strong singing.

No-one sang as prettily as Pyke.

Cheney’s guitar playing was outstanding.

The Sydney Morning Herald